Case Management

Just like every ProKids case is different, every CASA Volunteer tracks the information about a case differently. There are emails and phone calls and face-to-face conversations, meetings with lots of team members and one-on-one discussions. But CASA Volunteers worked with ProKids staff to develop the resources you will find here to help guide your case management. Because of their feedback, you’ll see that there are lots of checklists so these resources can function as reminders of what kind of information you have or still need. The content is listed on each page for on-the-go consulting but you can also print out a PDF to use as a paper form and/or download it as a  fillable PDF that you can save on any device and update as needed.

In this section, CASA Volunteers will find a number of resources to help them advocate for their ProKids children.

Where to Start

The Where to Start Guide is useful from Day One.

Court and Court Reports

The role of the CASA Volunteer is summarized in the Court Report submitted to Juvenile Court. Because this CASA Volunteer role is so important, you will find several resources here to help guide you as you write your report. Note that your CASA Manager will need the report well in advance of your court date. Ask how soon you should send it so there is time for it to be filed with the court.

Court reports are different depending on the age of the child. Ask your CASA Manager if you are unsure about what template to use and/or if you have multiple children. Samples and templates to help you complete them in the format which the court accepts are listed here.

Case Contact Guide

The Case Contact Guide is a way to track phone numbers and other useful information.

Casework Checklist

The Casework Checklist includes a list of documents and information that you will want to track during a case. While all cases are different, you will want to use the checklist that best corresponds to your case needs:

Other checklists for particular areas of a child’s life — medical care, mental health care, education and caregiver interaction — are also available below.

release form for when you need to obtain information about someone else involved in your child’s life, such as a biological parent.

Rule 48 is also available here. It is a reminder of what is required by law of every ProKids CASA Volunteer.

Special Programs/Age Groups

Find out about resources, including access to program managers who specialize in cases with elements like yours.


The medical checklist may help you track information about your child’s healthcare.

It is important to keep a current list of all medication. This form can be easily updated or can serve as a model for tracking medication in another way.

Similarly, you can use the mental healthcare checklist to track information about your child’s care and the therapy report when you need to get information from a therapist.


The  education guide is a way to track all the essential information about the school your ProKids child attends. Note that there are specific guidelines if the child you serve has special needs.

The school report form might be useful if you need information directly from a teacher or other school professional.

Caregiver Interaction

Leave-behind brochures which easily explain the role of ProKids and CASA Volunteers are always available at ProKids. It includes space for you to add your contact information and can be used for teachers, daycare providers, foster parents and anyone involved in your child’s life. Need more copies? Just ask when you are at ProKids or email us.

When a CASA Volunteer visits a child’s caregivers, it might be helpful to use a caregiver conversation guide not as a script during the actual conversation but as a check before or after a visit to make sure you have all the information you need.

If you are visiting a home where the child is living — either a foster home, a kinship home or the home of the biological parent(s) — this home visit checklist may be useful.


fax cover sheet in case you need to send a fax on behalf of your ProKids work. You can print it out and scan it back with your document, forwarding it to to be sent to the party or you can print it out and send it from a convenient fax machine. Note that if the party you are contacting needs to fax you back, the cover sheet has the ProKids fax number.

Instructions on how you can use a ProKids signature line for your ProKids correspondence, including a confidentiality statement.

How ProKids Can Help You lists services you may find helpful.

Working with JFS has information about Hamilton County Job & Family Services.

Our Helpful Links includes resources which are often mentioned in training, such as ways to access birth certificates, to obtain health or other information.