Caregiver Interaction

When a CASA Volunteer visits a child’s caregivers, it might be helpful to use a caregiver conversation guide not as a script during the actual conversation but as a check before or after a visit to make sure you have all the information you need.

If you are visiting a home where the child is living — either a foster home, a kinship home or the home of the biological parent(s) — this home visit checklist may be useful.

Sometimes you may need to request that a biological parent or other adult involved in the case give you access to their records. This form can be used to get their permission and then to get access.

Some suggestions on how to communicate with families are here.

Also, you may want to share the ProKids brochure with those you visit. Copies are always available at the ProKids office. It explains more about your role in an easy-to-understand way and gives you a way to share your contact information.