Communicating with Families

More information about emailing and faxing is available here.

Use the ProKids address and fax.

  • Be cautious about giving out your phone number and do not give out your home address. Use the street address for ProKids and our fax number for your CASA work.
    • ProKids, 2605 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219
    • Main number: 513-281-2000 (messages will be emailed to you)
    • Fax number: 513-487-6444

When using your own phone, protect your number.

  • Your smart phone may have a setting to hide your number when making a call. If not, dialing *67 in front of the number you are dialing will label your call as coming from “anonymous.”
  • You can use a Google Voice number. Google Voice gives you one number for all of your phones and can manage your inbound calls. Using your Google account, you can set it up at and follow the instructions. When you set it up, you can set up the preferences for anonymous calls.