Overall Case Guide

Note first court date; sample court reports and guidance are here

Upon Case Assignment: Case Review

Read case file

Make a note of important names and numbers

Review court documents, including any complaints.

Ask for copies of any reports.

Collect history:

Documents, dates, relevant information

Placements (when, where)

Family history

Review dental, medical & mental health history

(refer to checklists)

At About 1 Week

Call the HCJFS caseworker

Call the caregiver

Set a time to visit the child within 7-10 days (remember, you’ll want to see their room)

Obtain any missing information from above.

By About 2 Weeks

Call the school

Obtain reports & records

Call medical provider(s)

Obtain reports & records

Call mental health provider(s)

Obtain reports & records


Use the checklists on this site to track information. You will want to access:

Case Information Guide

Mental Health Checklist

Medical Checklist

Investigation Checklist (note there are 3 versions)

Custody Investigation Checklist

Dependency Investigation Checklist

Unaccompanied Minor Investigation Checklist

Education Guide

Home Visit Checklist

Caregiver Conversation Guide

Current Medication List

updated 11.28.17