Unaccompanied Minor Case Checklist

You can learn more about cases involving unaccompanied minors here.

Note that you can go here to download this or to print it out for use as a hard copy.

JFS Documents Obtained?

Case History

Ohio Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS)

Fingerprints for possible placement

Criminal & Civil Checks?

(for all adults in home, from applicable counties where they have records)





Sex Offender Registry in applicable jurisdiction(s) (if there are concerns)

Check police reports and runs in applicable jurisdictions (if there are concerns)

Review Records & Interview Appropriate Parties



Mental Health

JFS & Placement Agency Workers

Delinquency Charges

Confirm location and type of any documents

Other Documents (and English Translations, if possible)

Parent(s) Death Certificates

Proof of Service



Consent to Change Custody

Juvenile Court Release

Sheriff’s Release

Interviews & Observations

Child & Caregiver(s)

Child Alone

Parties with relevant case information

Court Activity

Court Report (2 weeks prior to dispositional hearing)

Template and other information here

Advocate for evaluations, assessments, services (i.e., education, psychological, mental health, substance abuse, other for any party to the case)