In this section, you will find some tools to help you as you manage your case.

fax cover sheet in case you need to send a fax on behalf of your ProKids work. You can print it out and scan it back with your document, forwarding it to to be sent to the party or you can print it out and send it from a convenient fax machine. Note that if the party you are contacting needs to fax you back, the cover sheet has the ProKids fax number.

Instructions on how you can send a case email with a ProKids signature line for your ProKids correspondence, including a confidentiality statement.

ProKids offers a number of resources to help support you in your work. Check out the ever-expanding list here. Also, here are links for community agencies which often can provide services for our children.

As you work on your case, you will interact regularly with Hamilton County Job and Family Services. Here is some information about services it provides.

You can always get ProKids envelopes, additional business cards and introductory brochures at ProKids. Can’t get to our office? Email us or call 513-281-2000.