How ProKids Can Help You

When you have a question or need to share a concern about your case, your first contact is your CASA Manager. Each CASA Manager works on a team and if your own manager is not available, you can call the office at 513-281-2000 and ask for the team leader.

If you need envelopes, business cards, fax cover sheets, explanatory brochures, gifts or gift cards for your ProKids child or your ProKids family, you can email us or call 513-281-2000.

Here are some other ways that ProKids can help:

Consultation for a Specific Age Group or Issue

Building Blocks: Young children through age 5

Find out more about the training program here. You can also consult with Program Manager Kyla Hemler.

Framing Futures: Children between 6 through 13

Find out more about the training program here. You can also consult with Program Manager Brenda Gray.

Launch: Youth over 14

Find out more about the training program here. You can also consult with Program Manager Erin Holden.

Cases involving domestic violence, trauma

Find out more about the Steps to Peace training program here. You can also consult with Program Manager Kathy King.


Current and former CASA Volunteers attend weekly adoption match committee meetings at JFS and support CASA Volunteers who have children going through this process. Contact Maryanne Foster for more information.

Annual Events

Back-to-school supplies

Each summer, backpacks with school supplies are available for every ProKids child. CASA Volunteers are invited to the ProKids office to select a backpack and to consult with the Education Team as the school year approaches.

Holiday shop

Each December, thanks to the generosity of the community, a variety of donated gifts are available over several days at the ProKids office for CASA Volunteers to pick up for their ProKids children, as well as other children who may be in the same home.


Birthday closet

ProKids always has donated gifts available at the ProKids office for our children’s special occasions.


Donated books are always available for our children at the ProKids office. CASA Volunteers are welcome to take books at any time to their children.

Project Embrace

Thanks to the loving hands of ProKids volunteers, handmade mittens, hats, scarves and blankets are available at the ProKids office for our children, whether they are moving into a new place or just need a layer of warmth.

Outside Services

Neediest Kids of All 

When funds are not available through other means for a child who needs clothing or funding for activities, such as sports teams, the Neediest Kids of All can sometimes provide for our children. Get started by filling out a request form, or contact Melissa for more information.

CASA Volunteer Education


Resource materials and books are available for CASA Volunteers to borrow at any time from the ProKids office. Just ask!


ProKids provides a variety of continuing education programming throughout the year and promotes some classes offered by outside organizations. Learn more here.