Steps to Peace

The ProKids Steps to Peace program addresses the critical needs of children who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence or have otherwise experienced trauma. This training is integrated into a program for CASA Volunteers when they get their first case. Kathy King, the strategic resource adviser, is available as a resource and oversees Steps to Peace.

What we know about domestic violence and children

Countless studies show that violence in the home has a significant impact on children’s brain development and their physical and mental health. Some things we have learned are listed here.

What We Know About Childhood Trauma

Adverse Childhood Experiences, also known as ACEs, have become a way to describe how anyone’s childhood continues to impact them. For abused and neglected children, we know that this impact is deep and profound. Here’s some of what we have learned about ACEs.

How Steps to Peace Makes a Difference

Through Steps to Peace, ProKids CASA Volunteers are specifically trained to recognize the signs of domestic violence and childhood trauma so they can advocate accordingly.

Steps to Peace was awarded the 2008 Ohio Attorney General Promising Practice Award, which recognizes the outstanding services of an Ohio organization that empowers victims of crime.