Court and Court Reports

The role of the CASA Volunteer is summarized in the report submitted to the Juvenile Court. Because this CASA Volunteer role is so important, you will find several resources here to help guide you as you write your report. Note that your CASA Manager will need the report well in advance of your court date. Ask how soon you should send it so there is time for it to be filed with the court.

A general guide to the different kinds of hearings is here.

Rule 48 is here. It spells out the requirements which a magistrate or judge expects the CASA Volunteer to fulfill and reflect in the court report. This court report example will help you understand how to format and explain your case to the court.

Court reports are different depending on the age of the child. Ask your CASA Manager if you are unsure about what template to use. If you have multiple children, use the report that corresponds with the age of the oldest child.

Court report templates can be downloaded in Word and you can use them to format your own report:

Building Blocks Template (ages birth through 5)

Framing Futures Template (ages 6 through 13). These court reports require educational information.

Launch Template (ages 14 and up). These court reports require educational information and information about things like job readiness.

Court report formats may be helpful to see how to complete the report:

Building Blocks Format (ages birth through age 5)

Framing Futures Format (ages 6 through 13)

Launch Format (ages 14 and up)