Rule 48

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(Please review regularly and when preparing court reports)

With my CASA Manager, I have made reasonable efforts to become informed about the facts of the case and to contact all parties. In order to provide the court with relevant information and an informed recommendation as to the child’s best interest, my CASA Manager and I have done the following at a minimum, unless impracticable or inadvisable because of the age of the child or the specific circumstances of a particular case:

□ Met with and interviewed the child and observed the child with each parent, foster parent, guardian or physical custodian and conducted at least one interview with the child where none of these individuals is present;

□ Visited the child at his or her residence in accordance with any standards established by the court in which the guardian ad litem is appointed;

□ Ascertained the wishes of the child;

□ Met with and interviewed the parties, foster parents and other significant individuals who may have relevant knowledge regarding the issues of the case;

□ Reviewed pleadings and other relevant court documents in the case in which the guardian ad litem is appointed;

□ Reviewed criminal, civil, educational and administrative records pertaining to the child and, if appropriate, to the child’s family or to other parties in the case;

□ Interviewed school personnel, medical and mental health providers, child protective services workers and relevant court personnel and obtained copies of relevant records;

□ Recommended that the court order psychological evaluations, mental health and/or substance abuse assessments, or other evaluations or tests of the parties as the guardian ad litem deems necessary or helpful to the court; and

□ Performed any other investigation necessary to make an informed recommendation regarding the best interest of the child.


im·prac·ti·ca·ble from


1. not practicable; incapable of being put into practice with the available means: an impracticable plan.
2. unsuitable for practical use or purposes, as a device or material.
3. (of ground, places, etc.) impassable.

4. (of persons) hard to deal with because of stubbornness, stupidity, etc.

im·prac·ti·ca·ble from Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary

Function: adjective
1 : IMPASSABLE <an impracticable road>
2 : not practicable : incapable of being performed or accomplished by the means employed or at command <an impracticable proposal>

in·ad·vis·able from Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary

Function: adjective
: not advisable : not wise or prudent <inadvisable haste>