Education Checklist

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School year: ________________ Copy of Court Entry/appointment given to school

Child’s name: _______________________________________________ Grade: ______

Name of School: ____________________________________________ School District: __________________

Get copies of all school records (usually in person)

Get copies/online access to school schedule (including student’s daily schedule), grades, assignments, school announcements, discipline code/handbook, etc.

Find out transportation arrangements

Does the child participate in any extracurriculars or aftercare through the school?

Monitor behavior and discipline concerns

Are there behavior interventions in place? What

are they?

If applicable, get a copy of the Behavior Modification Plan (see below).

Monitor attendance and report to ProKids each semester; include current information in each court report.

Find out if the child currently receives special education services (see below)

Set up a meeting with the classroom teacher to find out about the child’s needs

Observe the child in the school setting if appropriate

Confirm type of school (magnet, private, online, etc.)

Is the child on track to be promoted?

Is the child on track to graduate?*

How many credits have they earned?* ______

*Include in each court report

If appropriate, has the parent(s) or legal guardian been invited and encouranged to attend meetings and conferences?

Find out from school counselor/other contact all supportive services provided for child; list any services (intervention, tutoring, etc.):



If you suspect a disability, and the child is not receiving special education services, obtain the district’s procedures manual to begin the process of obtaining a 504 Plan, IEP, and/or Behavior Modification Plan. Ask your CASA Manager to put you in contact with a ProKids Parent Surrogate.

For Students with Special Education Needs

IEP __________________________________________________________ (Note that IEPs are updated at least annually)

504 ______________________________________ Behavior Modification_________________________________

Check which applies and note current date of plan. Obtain copies of each plan.

ETR date: __________________ (Note that ETR is completed every 3 years)

What behavior intervention supports are in place? _________________________________________________________



Contact information for special education services at the school: _______________________________________

Contact information for ProKids Parent Surrogate: _____________________________________