Building Blocks

Program Manager: Kyla Hemler is available to consult on cases involving children ages birth through 5 years old. Along with your CASA Manager, she can assist you in accessing information and resources.

Online Resources:

Building Blocks Court Report Template (to download in Word)

Building Blocks Court Report Format (PDF to see how names and other details are formatted)

Behavior Observation Forms (when a CASA Volunteer suspects domestic violence/abuse/trauma)

Articles, Videos About Young Children

Medical Resources

Dental Care for Children Birth Through 5

Daycare Resources

Preschool Resources

Mental Health Care, Therapy


Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards

What About a Controlling Partner?

Training Class Resources

Council on Child Abuse: Protect and Comfort Infants; School-Based Personal Safety

Building Blocks resources are also listed at the left.

Training: The ProKids Building Blocks program also provides specialized training for CASA volunteers who work with children ages birth through 5 years old. Building Blocks CASA Volunteers receive additional training in assessment of child development, caregiver/child interaction, trauma, medical care, the law, resources and services.  CASA volunteers are asked to complete the required training within a year of being assigned a Building Blocks case. Look for upcoming Building Blocks training here.