Framing Futures

Program Manager: Brenda E. Gray is available to consult on cases involving children ages 6 through 13 years old. Along with your CASA Manager, she can assist you in accessing information and resources.

Online Resources:

Framing Futures Court Report Template (to download in Word)

Framing Futures Court Report Format (PDF to see how names and other details are formatted)

Behavior Observation Forms (when a CASA Volunteer suspects domestic violence/abuse/trauma)

Framing Futures resources are also listed at left. 

Training: Framing Futures CASA Volunteers receive training on specific issues related to this age group including: age-appropriate development in all areas of the child’s life; holistic approaches to enhance a child’s well-being; enrichment of a child’s life through community relationships, such as with teammates and coaches; and support of a child’s interests and talents, helping them find ways to increase their self-worth while exploring opportunities in the community. In addition, the training provides an understanding of the options for supporting a child’s elementary and middle school academic experience, focusing on how to best serve the individual child.

CASA Volunteers who work with children in this particular age group are asked to complete this training within a year of taking their case.

Look for upcoming Framing Futures training here.