What About Trauma?

The following are areas in which the signs of ACEs and trauma/toxic stress can appear.  You can determine if areas of concern exist through observations, questioning of caretakers, and knowledge of developmental stages. Please note any items that apply.

You can learn more about trauma here and here.

__Refusal to eat


__Hiding food

__Failure to gain weight/gaining too much weight/losing weight

__Potential eating disorder

__Refusal to eat

__Disrupted sleep routines

__Sleeping too little or too much

__Sleeping at inappropriate times

__Frequent nightmares

__Ongoing night terrors

__Slow to develop educationally in school

__Developing pattern of lagging behind educationally


__Developing issues in school setting

__Excessive crying and/or irritability

__Indiscriminate attachment/lack of attachment

__Lack of eye contact




__Aggression/acting out

__Difficult focusing/constant activity

__Cycling emotions

__Possible substance abuse

__Possible cutting

__Aggression to animals/fear of animals

__Unexplained injuries or bruises

__Frequent diarrhea and/or nausea

__Frequent illnesses (colds, flu, etc.)

__Enuresis/urinary problems

__Lack of weight gain/overweight/loss of weight