Goal Setting Guide for Youth

The goal of this worksheet is to find some life areas in which each young person has had positive experiences and about which he/she is willing to share.  It may also be helpful for CASA Volunteers to routinely follow up with teens about their goals and whether their current choices are helping or hurting their chances of meeting their goals. You can also print out this goal setting PDF to use with your youth.

What are 3 things that I am good at?

               Examples:  Listening and talking to people. Understanding. Funny.

 What are 3 things my friends say I’m good at?

 What do I like to do for fun?

  What do I want to be doing a year from now?

                Examples: Pass my current grade.  Have enough money.  Live with my mother.

What is my best strength?

               Example: I am understanding and compassionate.

What do I hope for and dream about today?

                  Examples: a warm bed, to graduate in May

What do I hope for and dream about for the future?

What are 3 steps I can take today to work toward one of my dreams?

What will make it hard for me to accomplish my dreams?