Transition/Emancipation Protocol

Housing Plan

  • What sustainable housing is in place?
  • Is the youth in an independent living program? If so, will the youth remain in this apartment?
  • Is registration for low income housing needed? If so, has the referral been made?
  • What other options are available?

Employment/Vocational/Educational Plan

Is the youth working or will he/she be attending further education?

  • Further education: Is the financial aid plan in place and applications made? Has the youth applied for the ETV (Educational Training Voucher?)
  • Work: Does the youth have a resume? Has the youth attended the Cincinnati Works program?

 Aftercare Resources and Information

  • Has the youth been provided with HCJFS aftercare and other  important resource information?

 Access to Medical Care, Medication and Mental/Behavioral Health

      • Does the youth have a current medical card?
      • What are the names and numbers of medical providers (doctor and dentist)?
      • What are the names and numbers of  therapeutic and/or medsomatic service providers if needed?
      • Has a referral to Transitional Youth Program (TYP) been made if the youth has a qualified mental health diagnosis?
      • Who is the Service Facilitator if the youth is receiving MRDD services?
      • Application for SSI, if appropriate: Has the application been completed?

 Adult support

  • Will the youth need a payee or guardian as an adult? If so, is this in place and who will it be?
  • Who are available supportive adults for the youth?

 Voter registration

  • Has the youth registered to vote?

 Registration for Selective Service (males at age 18 years)

 Permanent Address on File

 Credit check

Documents and Records Provided to Every Young Adult Prior to Termination:

  • Birth Certificate (original)
  • Social Security Card (original)
  • Health Records