Policies & Procedures

The current Volunteer Policy & Procedures Manual (updated September 2019) or VPPM guides the work of all ProKids CASA Volunteers.

The policies in the Volunteer Policy & Procedure Manual are designed to provide guidelines to all ProKids volunteers, so the terms volunteer and CASA/GAL volunteer are interchanged in this manual and are non-exclusive in meaning.

Occasionally, there are updates. Notifications of these are shared in the monthly CASA Update which is emailed to each active CASA Volunteer.


ProKids Updates Abuse and Molestation Prevention Policy

As part of our regular business practices, ProKids periodically reviews our policies for staff, board and volunteers to ensure they are thorough and comply with all requirements of the systems and associations we are part of.

We recently updated the language related to our Abuse and Molestation Prevention Policy as part of this periodic review.

Because ProKids staff, volunteers, and board members care deeply about the children we serve, we are committed to providing a safe and positive environment in all settings that is free from misconduct. Acknowledging the ProKids Abuse and Molestation Policy by signing it is critical since, as stated in the policy, ProKids maintains a “zero tolerance” for any type of abuse of children served by our agency. We as staff, volunteers and board members understand that maintaining the Standards of Behavior outlined in the policy protects not only the children served but protects staff, volunteers and board members against allegations of misconduct.

To understand more fully the policy and implications, please see the Addendum, which includes:

All active staff, volunteers, and board members must affirm this new prevention policy. In addition to needing our community to be aware and compliant with this policy, acknowledgement is needed to secure the necessary liability insurance for our agency.

Volunteers must read and sign the policy via this web form by close of business on Sept. 2, 2021.

ProKids values your commitment to the children we serve in ensuring a safe, permanent and nurturing environment for every child.


Current COVID-19 Protocols

  • Staff, volunteers and community members who visit the ProKids office or conduct ProKids business anywhere indoors must wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status.
    • Staff and volunteers should continue to be fully masked when working with any child on their case, regardless of vaccination status.
    • If a staff member or volunteer is made aware of an active COVID-19 infection prior to a home visit, the home visit should be rescheduled to a later date. Volunteers should make their CASA Manager aware of the inability to complete the home visit.
    • If a volunteer has any questions about how they should conduct a visit under these new guidelines, they should contact their CASA Manager.
  • If a staff member, volunteer, or community member is exposed to COVID-19 they should continue to inform their supervisor and follow the testing/quarantine protocol recommended by the CDC (above). Staff members who are exposed should work remotely while quarantining.
  • Staff members are encouraged to avoid indoor, in-person meetings and to work remotely as much as possible until our area spread indicator falls below substantial spread and ProKids has issued updated guidance.

To find the latest module related to ProKids COVID-19 Protocols, please click here.