Conference Call Know-How

To join a call by phone

  • Dial the number given to you by the host via email.
  • Enter the access code.

To join a call by computer

  • Click the link given by the host via email
  • Enter the pin to add audio capabilities through your computer.

Tips for online meetings

More general tips from The Verge

  • Consider scheduling your meeting off the hour (like at 10:10 a.m.) as there may be less traffic.
  • Note that the number provided is NOT toll-free. This means that you will want to use a cell phone or a home landline with unlimited long distance, or your computer. Office phones are not enabled for unlimited long distance.
  • Using the video function (by turning on the camera) may not always be needed. It uses a lot of bandwidth (and some people just don’t want to be seen!) When you schedule it, note whether you need everyone to turn on video.
  • If you share your screen, especially with an external audience, you may inadvertently share a confidential document. Avoid screen sharing unless it is necessary for the work you are doing.
  • A good way to screen share is to use the agenda itself, rather than any actual documents. This will enable you to focus on what needs to be discussed and avoid any confidentiality breaches.
  • Don’t include the families we serve or other outside entities on video calls, unless you have checked with your supervisor and/or the case attorney. These situations can be particularly tricky if things are shared on the call and then could be copied by someone and put on social media and the like.
  • If a meeting with many different parties is being convened online, such as an SAR, by HCJFS, allow them to host and control access to the meeting rather than offering ProKids as the host.
  • If you run into an issue with a busy signal, here’s some things to try: use the app on your computer or on your tablet/phone; send a text to the conference’s dial-in number that says “help” for a back-up number you can use.

Here is how Free Conference Call works:

  1. Download the app (iOS and Android are available) if you are using your phone. If you are using a computer, you can just click on the link that will be sent to you. Make sure your camera (if needed) and microphone are available.
  2. Schedule your meeting with one of the “hosts” who can help you get started. The complete list is below.
  3. Include in your request the time, date, the agenda to send to participants and whether there is a need for video to be activated.
  4. Open the email you receive from the host. It will have all the information you need to join the meeting. Note that if you have a webcam on your computer, there is video capability. Note that the host does not need to remain in the meeting.

Hosts for Each Team Include:  

Executive: Chris and Allison

Business Operations: Carol and Sheri

Community Development: Amanda, Laine and Grace

Professional Development: Dan

Litigation: Paul

Advocacy: Erin and Anna

If you would like to join this list to set-up and assist with meetings, contact Sheri.

There are a lot of features and tools on this platform. Here’s how to use them:

  • Mute: you can mute yourself so that you can hear the call but they can’t hear you until you unmute.
  • Audio: will show blue if you’re using your computer’s microphone or stay gray if you’re dialed in through the phone. You will be prompted to let the site allow access to your microphone, allow.
  • Video: This turns on your webcam and shares with the call. You will be prompted for the site to allow access to your webcam, allow.
  • Invite: allows you to invite others.
  • Share: if the host transfers hosting duties to you, you click this button to share your screen with the call
  • Record: don’t worry about this one
  • Attendees: click on this icon to see a list of everyone currently on the call
  • Chat: Click here to send a typed message to everyone on the call. You can also click on an attendee to send them a private chat