Planned Gifts

Planned Gifts

Many of our donors ensure the legacy of ProKids and the children we serve far into the future by including ProKids in their will or revocable trust. Every gift is important to us and shows that you share our vision. In addition, you can take advantage of federal and state tax laws that may allow reduction of income taxes and lower gift and estate taxes.

If you are considering including a gift to ProKids in your estate planning, please contact Raynal Moore, Senior Relationship Manager, with any questions and to inform ProKids of your intentions. And most importantly, remember to consult your financial advisor.

Remember to include the following information when indicating ProKids in your will:

2605 Burnet Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Tax ID #31-1020021, a tax-exempt organization located in Cincinnati, OH.
Friends and supporters who express their intention to include ProKids in their will may be recognized as a member of our Children’s Legacy Society.

Why Include a Charitable Gift in your Will?

  • It’s simple to do. It can be as easy as including language stating, “I give 10% of the net value of my estate to ProKids.” Or “I give $10,000 to ProKids.”
  • You can change your mind. We won’t receive the gift until after your death. During your lifetime, you can amend anything you choose, i.e., beneficiaries, amounts, etc.
  • Tax-wise, it could be beneficial. Gifts to qualified charitable organizations reduce the value of your estate for estate tax purposes.
  • It’s an easy way to support ProKids, and we will be grateful for your gift. Bequests of every size build our future financial strength.

How you include a gift in your will or revocable trust depends on what you want to accomplish, and what you want to give to ProKids. Here are some options:

  • Give a percentage of your estate — e.g., “I give 25% of the net value of my estate as finally determined for federal estate tax purposes to ProKids.”
  • Give a percentage of the residue of your estate — the amount left after specific bequests have been given to individuals and organizations; e.g., “I give 25% of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to ProKids.”
  • Give a specific dollar amount or item of property; e.g., “I give ProKids $25,000.” or “I give ProKids 100 shares of IBM stock.”
  • Make ProKids the beneficiary of your unused retirement assets (i.e. IRA, pension, 401(k) or 403(b)), or life insurance policy.

Let Your Legacy Mirror Your Passion.

Besides choosing how your bequest will come to us, you also have a say in how it will be used and acknowledged:

  • Make the gift unrestricted — It will be used for the top priority need identified by the leadership of ProKids.
  • Memorialize or honor a loved one, e.g., “This gift is made in memory of my loving husband, a friend of ProKids.”

After speaking with ProKids and formalizing arrangements so your intentions are made clear, you may:

  • Make the gift restricted, i.e., to support a specific area of interest
  • Set up a named fund, e.g., the Family Fund for Abused and Neglected Children

Remember to include the following information when indicating ProKids in your planned giving:

2605 Burnet Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
Tax ID #31-1020021, a tax-exempt organization located in Cincinnati, OH.

Make Your Intentions Known.

Planning your estate and legacy for future generations, including your charitable interests, takes careful evaluation. Consulting with your financial advisor is encouraged. Discussing your charitable intentions with us will ensure that your gift is used just as you wish. We can provide valuable information about ProKids Endowment and Board Restricted Fund.

Act now to take the steps to become a good steward of the resources you intend to leave behind. You can contact Raynal Moore directly at (513) 487-6448.