FAQs for ProKids Table Captains

How many guests should I invite?

Tables hold 10 people. You may want to invite 10 to 12 people depending on how certain you are of your guests’ attendance. We can always place any extra guests at a table near you.

Who should I invite?

Invite couples and individuals from your personal life, business contacts – anyone you know with whom you’d like to share your enthusiasm for ProKids. Your Breakfast guests will be asked to consider a donation to support ProKids.

Will I have to ask them for money?

While this is a fundraiser, your job is to care deeply about the mission, to tell others of your commitment, and encourage them to attend. You will never have to directly ask for money. We hope the event itself will inspire your guests to want to give. Guests should be made aware that this is a fundraising event, but also that there is no obligation to give, nor is there a minimum or maximum gift. Their best contributions may be ideas, other gifts, or time. At the end of the program, we will walk them through the pledge card and tell them about why it is so important to give; how children’s lives will be changed due to their generosity.

What about after the event? Will I have to follow up on those who don’t pledge?

No. We ask that you call or email everyone and thank them for attending. ProKids will call everyone who fills out a pledge We thank those who donated, and ask each person for his or her feedback on the event. We do not call guests unless they have donated or filled out a form to seek more information.

Does everyone have to come to a Snapshot (information session) before they attend the Breakfast?

Many guests will attend the Breakfast purely on the strength of your commitment to ProKids and your passion for our mission. But you can encourage them to attend a Snapshot before the Breakfast and learn more about ProKids.

What is my role at the event?

Your role will be to host your guests and introduce them to other guests. During the program, we will ask Table Captains to pass out pledge cards when given the word. You will be the leader: fill out your card (even if it is just your name and address) and guests will follow suit. You will collect the pledge cards, place them back in the large envelope, and, after the Breakfast, return them to a ProKids staff member. Most of all, you should be attentive, listen to the speakers, watch the videos, and answer any questions your guests might have.