Your Strength Makes a Powerful Difference

You Are Empowered

ProKids volunteers say this is different from other volunteer roles. You are empowered. You are invested. Why? Because you will be the problem-solver, the researcher, the one person who can connect the pieces and put a child’s life back together. You will be the one who understands what’s in the best interest of the child you serve and who will call on others to make that a priority.

Strength Makes a Difference

Abused and neglected children are vulnerable. They can’t see a future. They just know that they are powerless. But as a ProKids volunteer for one of the thousands of children like this in our community, you can make a world of difference.

Our training equips you to advocate for a child in need and our staff of passionate professionals support you every step of the way. And learning how to work with other members of the child protection system means our children can have a whole team behind them.

Your Time Matters

In just 2 to 4 hours per week, you can change a child’s life, making sure they are safe and they get what they need. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA Volunteer you will be appointed by the court to speak up for a child, often in foster care, who needs your voice.
Our volunteers work around their other responsibilities, using email and phone calls, scheduling meetings with the child they represent, and connecting with teachers and others who impact their child’s life. Even when you need to go to court, you have a voice in when that will happen.

You Have a Real Impact

Without safety and security as they grow up, it’s less likely a child will graduate from high school or get a job. Learn more about the children we serve. 

It’s more likely they will turn to drugs, crime or violence. We know ProKids volunteers make sure there is safety and security for each child we serve because we measure our outcomes in real time. We know that every moment you spend as a ProKids volunteer makes a world of difference. Learn more about how we measure out outcomes and the results we see.

Can you stand up for a child like they do?

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What Does a CASA Volunteer Do?