Why ProKids?

A CASA Volunteer Uses Their Skills.

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A CASA Volunteer Solves Problems.

A CASA Volunteer Changes Things.

Being a ProKids CASA Volunteer is different than other volunteer roles.

As a Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA Volunteer, you are trained and supported to use your skills to solve problems and change the life of an abused and neglected child. This does not just change the life of the child you serve, it changes our whole community.

Donald became a CASA Volunteer to draw on his professional career as a trainer and a leader — and also to continue to give back to his community in another way as a military veteran. At ProKids, he began to advocate for a family with six children after their mother had suffered from drug addiction. He worked with medical professionals, therapists and teachers to get the children what they needed while also getting to know other family members where the children could find stability. No matter how complicated the case got, he always said the children deserved a “storybook ending.”

This graphic novelization was created by Lucy May and Kevin Necessary at WCPO.com.

Part 1: Childhood Saved

Part 2: The Hurt and Healing Continue


While our volunteers say it only takes about 10 hours a month to do this important advocacy, the role touches on many fundamental parts of a young person’s life at a critical time. Find out more about how a CASA Volunteer does the problem-solving that is needed, collaborates with other child protections professionals and puts the pieces together in the best interest of the child.

It’s not simply the number of court hearings, school meetings or home visits our CASA Volunteers make in a year. At ProKids, it’s how those activities actually change a child’s life. Since 1996, ProKids has documented our effectiveness through measurable outcomes. To see the difference your investment in time and resources makes for our children, please review our full list of Outcome Measures.

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