ProKids Celebrates 40 Years of Service in 2021


For forty years ProKids has mobilized members of the Cincinnati community to come together and speak up for abused and neglected children, often in foster care.

Our Volunteers are trained and supported by ProKids to advocate in the best interest of children who need it most. And we continue this work because it works: 99% of the children we serve are free from abuse and neglect, an outcome we’re proud to have kept up for decades.

Please consider joining us – as a volunteer if you’re ready to get involved or show your support as a donor.

By the numbers:

1,095 children in Hamilton County were served by ProKids in 2020.
95% of ProKids youth aging out of the system earned their diploma. (2020 outcome)
93% of ProKids children received the mental health care assessment they needed, as abused and neglected children are more likely to need mental health care. (2020 outcome).

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