Books to Share With the Children You Serve

Children’s Books to Help CASAs

Addressing Foster Care Issues and Starting Dialogue

A Terrible Thing Happened– by Margaret Holmes

Very sweetly addresses overwhelming feelings and the ways children my adversely cope.

Maybe Days– by Jennifer Wilgocki and Marcia Wright

Provides basic information that children want and need, explains some of the adults and their roles in the foster care and whom to ask for help.

Once I was Very, Very Scared by Chandra Ippen

A sweet story of responding to fear and how supportive relationships can help.

My Many-Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

Good for the very young, (age 3-4) abstractly addresses many feelings and how they change.

You Weren’t with Me by Chandra Ippen

Addresses the pain of separation. Resource for the parent who is seeking reunification.

Finding the Right Spot by Janice Levy

Is about children’s resiliency, loyalty, hope and disappointments. This offers conversational hints for caregivers.

Kids Need to Be Safe by Julie Nelson

Written for children to help prepare for, understand, and accept foster care. Also includes resource for adults.

A Different Home by John and Kelly DeGarmo

Designed to help children age 4-10 to settle in and answer some questions they are likely to have. Also includes notes for adults.

Murphy’s Three Homes by Jan Gilman

Story explores a safe way for kids to explore and understand their feelings. It is a sweet story of resilience and positive self-esteem. Also includes a section for adults

Somebody Cares by Susan Straus

Explores the feelings and thoughts kids have when they have had to look out for themselves or be alone much of the time. Also includes notes for caregivers.

Families Change by Julie Nelson

Simply worded and realistically illustrated to show and tell why some kids get new foster or adoptive families. Includes resources for adults.