Continuing Education Cohorts

Thanks for attending one of our cohort classes!

These classes are designed to help you dive deeper into a subject. You’ll complete the curriculum material within a cohort over six weeks. Each week, you’ll have a series of materials to read or watch on your own and a homework assignment. This work on your own should take about an hour to complete. After completing work on your own, you’ll join a one-hour session with your cohort where you’ll be able to debrief about the materials as well as listen to facilitated materials by a member of the ProKids team.

Completing the materials on your own prior to joining the session with your cohort is essential. The materials provide the foundational learning necessary to participate fully in the debrief session and advanced learning. Each week, follow the links provided to access materials. Please be sure to record any thoughts, notes, or questions in the space provided so that you may bring those to each week’s debrief session.

When you signed up for the cohort, you received all of the debrief session dates and times through Eventbrite. Please make it a priority to attend each session. Learning from and contributing to your cohort is an important part of this curriculum.

To access the manual and resources (updated throughout the class) for your cohort, please click on the title of the class you’ll be attending. Remember to download and save the PDF.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Related Changes to Continuing Education

Because of the ongoing public health threat and guidance from local government, the following changes will be occurring with continuing education

  • All classes are being held online. Instructions for participating in online training are located below on this page.

Continuing Education Online

ProKids has begun to offer online continuing education using Zoom videoconferencing and webinars.

You can make sure you are set up for training by reading this Online Training User Guide.