Launch: A Special Program for CASA Volunteers Advocating for Youth (14-18)

This special program is designed to help with one of the toughest, yet most rewarding, CASA Volunteer positions: being a CASA Volunteer for children ages 14 to 18. Launch focuses specifically on the needs of older youth in the foster care system — those who will “age out” from the child protection system — and trains CASA Volunteers to work effectively with this age group.

Program Manager: Erin Holden, 513-487-4958

When to Take Launch

When a CASA Volunteer has a Launch case, this training is a priority within the first year of being assigned a Launch case, but any volunteer who has completed CASA University can take the course. Once a CASA Volunteer has completed Launch, they don’t have to take it again.

What is Involved in Completing Launch

Attend the 3-hour Launch program at ProKids. You can search the calendar here for the next program. You can sort it from the main calendar by using the Continuing Education drop down.

There’s always special resources available to CASA Volunteers as well.

Launch Cases Have Special Requirements

To help youth “age out” of the child protection system, ProKids provides several tools that CASA Volunteers use. These tools are fully discussed in the Launch class at ProKids.

Needs Assessment

Goal setting

Sample Court Report for Launch