Summer 2020

An announcement to the ProKids staff from Executive Director Tracy Cook:

You have done incredible work in a complicated time.  I am so proud of all the ways you’ve adapted to keep moving forward.  It is vitally important that we all have breaks so that we can return recharged to continue to serve our children.  Some people have hesitated to take vacation time.

To make it easier for you, ProKids is doing two things for staff:

  • Increasing the number of holiday days off around the upcoming Independence Day and Labor Day weekends
  • Adding an additional 5 personal days through Aug. 31 for each staff member (prorated for part-time staff)

For the holiday weekends, ProKids will now be closed on the following days:

Independence Day:

  • Thursday, July 2
  • Friday, July 3 (already scheduled)
  • Monday, July 6

Labor Day:

  • Thursday, Sept. 3
  • Friday, Sept. 4
  • Monday, Sept. 7 (already scheduled)

For the 5 personal days, staff members will be working with their manager to schedule the best way to take time off by Aug. 31, as this benefit will not carry over or be added to your time off “bank.” These days off can be used in place of existing vacation day requests, however.

These days off are a one-time benefit, responding to a general need for staff to take time away from work when the work/home boundary all but disappeared and when many have canceled or delayed their vacation plans because of wanting to “save it” for a time when travel is easier.

We believe that staff members can work with their manager to find time to take these days off, either as a team, individually or even as a series of half-days, depending on your needs and the demands of your job. Because these days off are limited to this summer, there is an expectation that everyone will find a way to fit them into their schedule and enjoy a well-earned break.

Your manager will be learning more about how to track this time, and how to encourage you to use it, at an upcoming leadership meeting.

The board often asks me what it can do for you as a staff to show appreciation for the incredible work you have each done during a challenging time. It seems there is no greater way to acknowledge your commitment to our children than by allowing each of you a chance to truly take time for yourself and those you care about. Enjoy!