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Hi, everyone! My name is Dan and I’m the Director of Professional Development and Education here at ProKids. Welcome to our ProKids blog! On a regular basis here,  I’ll be sharing a post about child protection and the work ProKids does in our community.

Whether you’re familiar with our work, have only casually heard about us, or stumbled across this during a random Google search one night, I hope this can help you learn more about abused and neglected children and the important work of advocating so every child has a safe, permanent, and nurturing home.

We will explore what ProKids advocacy looks like and how you can help. If you are ready to take action, please click here to find out about volunteering.

There’s No Such Thing as a Throw-Away Child

Guest blog by Tracy Cook, ProKids Executive Director There is no such thing as a throw away child.  The death of Ma’Khia Bryant, the 16-year-old foster child who was killed by Columbus police April 20, shook me to my core.  How can anyone view this as anything but a horrible tragedy? Yet some media coverage

What Makes a Family

When you think about your family and growing up, what are the memories that stick out?  Maybe you had a parent that read to you every night before bed. Maybe regular conversations at the dinner table come to mind. Maybe it is a parent or sibling talking with you the first time you had a

Connecting, Advocating Never Stops

By Tracy Cook, ProKids Executive Director A year ago, when COVID-19 began to spread and public health restrictions were put into place, we all had many questions. For us at ProKids – volunteers and staff – these questions centered on our children. How could we ensure they would be OK?  How would we check on them?

When Stress Becomes Toxic

Stress, for better or worse, is a normal part of life. It is something we all experience and isn’t necessarily a bad thing at times. But, when stress overwhelms our ability to cope it can having lasting and irreversible effects. In our work with children who have been abused and neglected, we see these effects every

Walking Each Other Home

Let’s talk about advocacy, the heart of the work of ProKids. Every single one of us is an advocate in some form or another — although we may not yet identify that way.  Advocacy is defined as a coordinated set of actions aimed at influencing a decision.  This can be really informal. We may be

The Roots of the Child Protection System

Child protection as it exists today is a relatively new concept. As late as 1920 in Ohio, for instance, parents could place their children in indentured servitude without legal repercussion; an issue our child protection system today would definitely not turn a blind eye to. It wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that across

An Unexpected Focus

You’ll see a word repeating a lot throughout this blog – “home.” The concept of home is central to the vision of ProKids. I’ve also inadvertently built a career around it.  My background is in public health and my first professional role as a fledgling adult was at the Fenway Institute in Boston. There, I

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