Support for Every Volunteer, a Team for Every Child

At ProKids, each CASA Volunteer is supported by an Advocacy Team.

Along with the CASA Volunteer, a ProKids staff member called a CASA Manager is part of the team.  The CASA Manager acts as the Guardian ad Litem on the case and has wide experience in the child protection system. The CASA Manager is also a resource to the CASA Volunteer, with insight into the child protection system, resources that can help a CASA Volunteer’s child or family, and guidance to manage tricky situations such as an uncooperative family member or a complex school situation. The CASA Manager also helps the CASA Volunteer keep track of landmark dates in a case, such as when a court report is due.

The third member of the team is the ProKids attorney. The attorneys serving ProKids children include ProKids staff members as well as volunteers from the legal community. The ProKids attorney is the expert on the court system and how it can work in the best interest of the child the CASA Volunteer serves.

When a CASA Volunteer goes to court to advocate for a child, a CASA Manager and a ProKids attorney are also present.