Specialized ProKids Programs

ProKids works to support CASA Volunteers with training and case consultation which goes beyond what is available in CASA University. The following programs offer specialized training and support for ProKids CASA Volunteers. Each is led by a program manager who is available to consult with a CASA Volunteer on a specific issue in a case and also coordinates Continuing Education opportunities a few times each year.

Steps to Peace focuses on the trauma our children experience, the impact of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and the signs of domestic violence in families. Program Manager Kathy King leads the program.

Building Blocks focuses on children from birth through age 5 and issues like child development, caregiver/child interaction, medical care and community resources. Program Manager Kyla Hemler leads the program.

Framing Futures focuses on children ages 6 through 13 and issues like age-appropriate development in all areas of the child’s life, enrichment of a child’s life through community relationships,  and support during a child’s elementary and middle school academic experience. Program Manager Brenda Gray leads the program.

Launch focuses on youth ages 14 and older and issues like youth development, goal-setting and future planning such as higher education and job training. Program Manager Erin Holden leads the program.