Zoom Phone FAQs

Zoom Phone is a bright, shiny new tool…so it’s only natural that we’re going to have questions about how it works. Amanda is taking the hard work out of the “Q” and tracking down answers to the things you most want to know.

Um…where is Zoom phone? I’ve looked in both the mobile and desktop apps and I can’t find it anywhere.

You’re not alone! Our Zoom phone contract hasn’t started yet. Carol is busy porting and assigning numbers and working with Prosource on a special piece of equipment needed to make Zoom phone work for us. We may see Zoom phone active in the apps before it actually works depending on the timing of all the technology coming together. It is anticipated all should be up-and-running by October 15.

Can I port a Google number or my number from another wireless carrier to Zoom phone?

In most cases, Zoom can port just about any number from another carrier, including a Google number (however, if you are using Google’s free Voice service, Google has been less likely to release the number for portage). Some information will need to be provided to facilitate the port. Carol will be sending out more details to all staff.

Will my voice mails that are currently saved on my office line be brought over to Zoom when my number ports?

No. Voice mail messages will not port over with phone numbers. If you have important messages that you would like to keep, you should download and save them.

Will my voice mails still be forwarded to my phone?

Yep! Just like with our old-school desk phones, you will still receive an email notification when you have a voice mail message waiting.

I have a limited data plan on my phone. How will Zoom Phone affect my data usage?

Zoom phone is just that: a phone. It could impact the number of minutes you use, but should have minimal impact on your cellular data plan. However, if you convert a phone call to a Zoom video meeting while you are in the call, you may see an increase in data usage. To mitigate data usage on a Zoom video call while on your phone, stay connected to Wi-Fi and turn off your video.