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Pandemic Service: Working Through Challenges

Beth learned about ProKids about 15 years ago and never forgot that she wanted to become a volunteer. But when she finally got the chance to serve in that role, it was in the midst of the pandemic. She wasn’t sure what to expect.

Beth was assigned to a case with four children. They had been placed with a relative after their mother had failed to follow through on a number of services that Hamilton County Job & Family Services had offered to her.

As summer turned into fall, Beth was able to visit the children outdoors wearing masks and socially distant. She would connect with their caregiver regularly with texts and encourage her as she dealt with suddenly dealing not only with four children but with the issues of daycare in a pandemic.

Legally, things seemed to move more slowly as the court shifted to virtual hearings and case meetings were mostly online. But Beth saw how she could continue to advocate for the children alongside the ProKids team, even with the pandemic precautions. Before the holidays, there was a complete case plan for all the children, based on information Beth was able to mostly collect through phone calls and emails.

“I know this would be different without COVID-19,” says Beth. “But as we learn about this family and what they need, it’s good that ProKids is there to advocate.”

“It’s good that ProKids is there to advocate.”

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