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“It’s the Way I Can Make This World a Better Place”

goellnerAs a ProKids CASA Volunteer, I sometimes reflect on the immense task we share with our Advocacy Teams. Keeping children safe, making sure their needs are met and helping them move to permanent, nurturing homes is such a daunting task.

Then I heard a story.

In a visit to the Holy Land, when visiting the Old Testament site where David slew Goliath using only stones in his sling shot, a man picked up a special stone and it became a family treasure. He told his family it was a stone they could use to literally fight whatever they fear and whatever obstacles stand in the way of a better world.

Like me, ProKids is my stone. It’s the way I can make this world a better place.

At ProKids, I feel we can share our gifts to help abused and neglected children who desperately need our help. We can make their worlds better places to grow up. We can make our community a better place for every family. And we can create a world that is caring and compassionate and thoughtful.

More info about Pat, click here for the story of her ProKids child, Lucy.

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