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Investing in Our Community’s Future

Peter and Laura Klekamp are not strangers to ProKids. They’ve been part of our Committed Community since 2017. But there was something about the unusual circumstances of 2020 that shook Peter to his core.

“I thought about how this was pushing our community’s children to their limit,” he said. “And I also thought about how we needed to push ourselves: to give and to think of others. You might even call it a sacrifice for our common good.”

It can be hard to see hope at a time like this, Peter admits, but by giving at a time when so much is in flux he knows that he is enabling ProKids to bring that hope to others.

“I think of that teenager who is trying to keep it together in a foster home, or who is struggling to finish high school with no support, and I know that having a ProKids CASA Volunteer can make all the difference,” he said.

“At a time like this, when we are all so isolated from one another, giving to ProKids was a way to connect to kids like that and to show that I care about them and our community’s future. It is a way to say that I know there is hope.”


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