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Making Sure Kids Know They Have Value

Without a ProKids CASA Volunteer like Phyllis, a young woman with a lot of challenges may not have ever graduated from high school. Phyllis made sure Kanita was enrolled in the right kind of program so that she had the best chance for success. She would even call in the morning to encourage Kanita to make it to class. Most importantly, Phyllis was able to support a child who could be difficult to deal with and make her feel like her life was of value.

Phyllis was named one of the 2016 Darlene Kamine Advocates of the Year and recognized in 2019 as one of the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Women of the Year.

You can read more about her work here.

“You never know if something you say one time will come back to someone like Kanita, Phyllis said. “That’s why I’m a CASA Volunteer. You are put into the very life of a child and you have to have hope.”

Her CASA Manager Carmen Langenkamp said Phyllis works with everyone involved on behalf of the child. “She never gives up on these children. She finds ways to them to be successful even when so many things for them can be disappointing.”

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