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‘Set Up for Success’

Susie Ryan is a CASA Voluntee. She says:

When these children are in the child protection system, they need someone who can put all the pieces together. Someone who can make sure they are heading for a safe, secure, permanent home. These children need to be set up for success. And ProKids does that.

A few years ago, I was a CASA Volunteer for Mikey. He was a darling little boy, only 3 years old, but he had been horribly neglected. He wasn’t speaking. He couldn’t do many of the things you expect preschoolers to do.

When ProKids was assigned the case, one of the first things we did was find a place where he could get the educational services he needed. In his special needs preschool, he got occupational therapy, physical therapy and – equally important – he learned to play and interact with other children.

By the time he was adopted as a pre-kindergartner, he no longer needed so many services.

Because ProKids was able to make sure he got what he needed at such a young age, Mikey is set up for success.

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