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‘I Wondered If I Could Make a Difference’

CASA Volunteer Su Randall:

I became a CASA Volunteer after I retired as a school guidance counselor. In my work, I saw how foster children didn’t always have the same strong support system that children from other families enjoyed. unspecified

I wondered if I could make a difference.

After I became a CASA Volunteer, I was amazed at the difficulties that over-worked JFS workers face in trying to understand and meet the needs of their clients. As a CASA Volunteer, I have been able to spend time to delve more deeply into my cases. That time has afforded me the ability to understand both the short-term and long-term needs of the children with whom I work.

I see that when we go to court on behalf of a child and the ProKids recommendations are embraced by the magistrate.

At ProKids, we really believe that every kid deserves a chance. When they get a chance, they have the opportunity to make the choices which will lead them to successful lives.

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