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‘Wanted. Chosen. Loved. Adopted.’


Twins Adam and Alexa were born prematurely with many medical needs. It became clear that their biological parents were not providing the medical attention they required. They were not growing. They were not thriving. They were removed from their biological parents and placed with a foster family. That was where Sherry, a ProKids CASA Volunteer, first met them.

Sherry had been trained to make sure the twins were safe. She made sure they had the medical care they needed, from regular weight checks to the feeding tube that Adam needed. Sherry checked in with doctors and watched to make sure the children were growing and developing. She also made sure they had lots of love in the foster home.

She checked in with the biological parents too. She made sure they had every chance to learn how to raise their children and to live their lives differently. But it eventually became clear they would never provide the care Adam and Alexa needed. Sherry advocated in court for them to be freed for adoption and for their foster family to become their forever family.

By age 5, they were in school and no longer needed as much medical help. Adam had his feeding tube removed and eagerly awaits the chance to play football. Alexa is quieter and loves to play with her dolls.

On the day the foster family adopted them, Adam and Alexa held up a sign: “Wanted, chosen, loved, adopted.”

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