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Amy Gilles, CASA Volunteer since 2011

Amy became a CASA Volunteer after retiring as a pediatric nurse. Her children grown, she was “sickened by the constant reports of crime, poverty, child abuse and neglect. The cyclical nature of these problems bothered me.”

Amy said that she thought if she could help one child in some small way, it could break the cycle and would benefit our community. “When I came to a ProKids Snapshot, I was so impressed with the organization. I wanted to be part of the energy you feel at ProKids.”

Amy said that she found the statistics about child abuse to be depressing. “These children are 10 times more likely to be abused in foster care than in the general population,” Amy said. “Eighty percent of the prison population has been part of the foster care system. This is a call to action for anyone who can volunteer their time.”

Being a CASA Volunteer, Amy said, “affected how things are at my home. When I come home to my kids, I realize how different our lives are and how much we take for granted. It’s helped me teach them about what goes on in our community.”

Amy said other community members are needed by these children. “We can change the outcomes for our future generations. CASA Volunteers are an excellent way to have a meaningful impact on our city’s population, the most vulnerable of our society.”


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