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Mike Hardy, CASA Volunteer since 2013

Mike said he became a CASA Volunteer after seeing a newspaper article about ProKids.

“I was surprised to find that abused and neglected children in Hamilton County come from all economic, social and ethnic backgrounds,” he said. “There are so many children who need an advocate. That is something that cannot be purchased.”

Mike said as a CASA Volunteer he has found that “all children, no matter how bleak their home life may have been, almost always wish to be back home with their parents, but it is not always possible. I am single-mindedly interested in any and all things that will improve a child’s opportunity to have a safe, permanent, nurturing and happy home.”

“I will never forget how one girl on my case, and her siblings, came from an environment which enabled them to skip school on a regular basis,” he said. “But within weeks of placement in a nurturing environment where education was valued, she as an ‘A’ student. She has continued to be an ‘A’ student for almost two years since.”

“We can’t help but have preconceived notions on what type of families need these services,” Mike said. “But, I can tell you, there are no boundaries when it comes to kids being neglected or abused. That was a big education for me.”

“It’s been extremely rewarding to see how ProKids impacts children,” Mike said. “It’s a true team effort.”


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