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Wynndel & Michelle Watts, CASA Volunteers since 2013


Wynndel: “I’ve been blessed to be able to volunteer for ProKids after 32 years in corporate America. I was looking for a way to utilize my experience in giving back to my community here.”

Michelle: “There is a long history of volunteerism in my family and my aunt was a CASA Volunteer in Houston, so it’s always been something I have considered doing.”

Wynndel: “These children are so vulnerable and often get ‘lost in the system’ because there is no one willing to speak up for them.”


Michelle: “I’ve always had a deep commitment to underserved and vulnerable children… and I don’t like sitting on the sidelines.”

Wynndel: “My work at ProKids is very substantive and emotionally challenging, yet extremely rewarding. You quickly realize that your decisions and actions are having an impact and make a real difference in the lives of these children.”

Michelle: “The overwhelming poverty of the families of the children in the child protection system is something that is shocking and makes me angry and sad. It motivates me to do my part to create a pathway out of poverty for these children. And that pathway starts with making sure that kids are in safe and loving homes with access to education and other resources.”

Wynndel: “The resources available through the county do not necessarily support individualized plans to support our children. But as ProKids CASA Volunteers, we can work collaboratively with the team to engage the teachers, the therapists and others to make sure these children get the appropriate services.”

Michelle: “My husband and I had a family of six children and I will remember all of them. But one little girl was preparing for kindergarten and… I taught her the ABC song.”

Wynndel: “On one of our first cases, there was a 3-year-old little girl that trusted no one and never spoke and never smiled. After six months on the case, it was very rewarding to not only see her smile but to have her greet us at the door and call our names. She was thriving.”

Michelle: “These children have a tough life but they are also some of the strongest and most resilient people I have ever met.”

Wynndel: “ProKids does an excellent job in advocating for the children in the child protection system. We are not, however, able to serve them all. The more CASA Volunteers, the more children we are able to assist in breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect. That enables them to be productive members of our community.”

Michelle: “My fellow Cincinnatians should become CASA Volunteers because it’s the right thing to do. Our city has terrible statistics on poverty, but we also have a lot of potential. I know that we can change the outcomes for our city’s children, because we’re Cincinnati strong. Standing up for these children really is about shaping the future of our city.”

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